200 6th Street San Francisco

WL Hickey Sons was the plan and spec plumbing and hydronic heating contractor on this competitively bid HUD financed prevailing wage and certified payroll project. The nine story building consists of 67 affordable family apartments and restaurant, retail, and community space.

Highlights of plumbing system include; rain water harvesting feeding the reclaimed water system with future provisions for POC to SF PUC reclaim distribution, solar thermal heating on domestic and LEED efficiency standards. Project included limited space for MEPF systems, which added complexity to the coordination. Construction type: Mat-slab with underground piping in structural foam, post tension structural podium decks with nine stories above of metal framing and a pent house mechanical room with separate boilers for domestic and hydronic.

WL Hickey Sons, Inc. in housed the 3D-BIM model for the project, in collaboration with our General Contractor.

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